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Swingers Clubs in Boston

Soirée Carnalis

Soirée Carnalis is a social organization in Boston that hosts unique, safe, and sexually explorative parties. Consent and discretion are essential core values that define our group. We work to ensure that no member feels pressured or unsafe at our parties. Our members balance individuality and expression with elegance. We want to empower you to express yourself fully and freely while also giving space for others to do the same. SCB believes that sexuality is a fluid form of communication and therefore we encourage conversation, laughter, touch, and play all into the same environment. Soirée Carnalis events are not just swingers parties. Our play parties are open to many interpretations of intimacy and beauty. Beyond our play parties, other social meetups and events are hosted, including educational series and collaborations with local talent.

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New England Couples

Interested in the swinging lifestyle and/or swingers' clubs and parties?

Live in the Boston, Massachusetts area, northern Rhode Island, southern New Hampshire or southern Maine?

Couples & single women are invited to contact us at 781-843-5112. (NO texts please - voice only.)

If you are a couple, please both be present (preferably on extensions) when you call.

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Boston Friends

Boston Friends is a completely different, relaxed, secure atmosphere. Here you are under no obligation to do ANYTHING you do not want to.

The golden rule is "NO MEANS NO!"

You actually get to meet, see and talk to the people from the very start. And there is no uncomfortable expectations on you.

Let me walk you through an idea of what you might encounter at a Boston Friends social.

When you first arrive at one of our socials you will notice our events take place in a clean, safe, well maintained area at a nationally known hotel . If you are staying at the hotel you will check into your room (don't worry, the hotel staff treats you no differently than any other guest). If you have arrived early enough, between 3-5pm, you can register at early registration set up at the hotel lounge.

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Club Sinz

Club Sinz is located in the North Shore region of Massachusetts, there are hotel accommodations nearby if you are planning to make an overnight trip

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DB Socials

Barry has been Hosting DB SOCIALS since it's inception in mid-1999. From the first location in Bridgewater from 1999-2003, to it's current location, the concept, to provide a quality lifestyle experience has not changed since its inception.

Our events specifically cater to couples, single women, and single men on a 1 to1 ratio with other single women, regardless of how much experience you have, whether you have been going to parties for years, or just starting out.

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